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These reviews are by boatowners and include everything from trailerable sailboats to large cruisers, but most of them are in the 25- to 40-foot range and are cruising boats that are also used in casual racing - and some in serious racing. The below reviews were all published in past issues of SOUTHWINDS

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SMALL BOAT (often race boats) REVIEWS
Small boat reviews are generally those small boats that have a strong racing class, but many of these are also just non-racing, popular small daysailers. Many, like the Sunfish, started out as a non-racing daysailer, and then they became so popular that racing classes developed. Yet the Sunfish is also one of the most popular beach rentals in the world. The reviews here reflect all aspects of these various boats. Request a boat to be reviewed (Only small daysailers can be requested)

For information on trawlers, go to our Trawlers page for 12 articles on Learning About Trawlers. Plus see one trawler review below.

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Monohull or Catamaran?
Read this article by Capt. Ron Butler who cruised on both a catamaran and a monohull. The article will bring up some suprising reasons why he likes the boat he cruised on when he wrote this article. It's one of the most informative and best comparisons out there of the two kinds of boats. Read it online here.

Switching from a Catalina 36 to Gemina 34 Catamaran
This is another view on switching from monohull to catamaran. Read it online here 

So, You Bought a Boat on eBay?
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February 2009, page 54

Buying a Boat Out of Charter
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November 2014, page 31

Trawler Review — Marine Trader 40
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November 2014. Page 40


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