St. Petersburg Boat Show Where were the Sailors?

Docks at the St. Petersburg Sail and Powerboat Show

At the 2018 St. Petersburg Boat Show, sail exhibitors were greatly dissapointed in lack of sailors at the show. Sail seminars, author’s corner, sailboat rides – all canceled. Give us your opinion. More…


Bahamian Sloop Racing -with Jan Pehrson

Jan Pehrson has been writing and photographing about Bahamian Sloop Racing for SOUTHWINDS Magazine for several years and she has become quite well-known in the Bahamas. See more about Jan and Sloop Racing in this video

Docking a 15-ton Sailboat with Ease

Watch how a captain brings a 15-ton sailboat through a crowded anchorage through tight passages into a crowded dock and into a slip with ease – while he’s towing a dinghy

Are LEDs Interfering with VHF Radio Communications?

VHF radio and LED lightsThe U.S. Coast Guard issued an alert that LEDs could be interfering with VHF radio communications. More…


$5 Classified Print Ads for Trawlers - Due Feb. 5 for March

SOUTHWINDS is offering $5 print ads for Trawlers in the  March issue. One per customer. Ads due by Feb. 5 for the March issue. $15 for a 3-month ad & horizontal photo.  Send to Editor with your name, jpeg photo and up to 40 words. Must have photo. Number of ads limited. Ads sent without asking us to place it will no be run automatically.

Sailboat Reviews - Looking for Day Sailer, Cruiser, or Racer?

sailboat reviews - daysailer, cruiser, racer

Over 100 reviews up to 51 feet. Daysailers, cruisers, racers. Read Reviews

Bahamas Increases Cruisers' Boat Inspections

BoatUS reported that a couple who were boarded in April by the Bahamas Customs and Border Patrol while anchored in a remote bay in the Abacos. The inspection was described as aggressive and the inspectors went through all lockers and drawers. More…


Don't be Stopped for Boat Inspections in Florida - Get Your Decal

Prevailing Winds, Currents and Temperatures in the Southeast Coastal Waters this Month


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learn about trawlers

Switching from sail to trawlers? Learn the basics in 12 articles.  Read the articles

Free Classified Print Ads for Trawlers - Due Friday Jan. 11

SOUTHWINDS is offering FREE print ads for Trawlers for Sale in the  February issue. One per customer, private or Yacht Broker. Ads due by Jan. 8. Send to Editor with jpeg photo and up to 35 words. Must have photo. Limit of 10 ads total and 5 spaces left as of today. First Come, First Served

Teen Rescued after 7 Weeks

Kjri Osaka (Indonesia Consulate in Osaka)

A 19-year-old Indonesian survived seven weeks at sea. More…


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Sailboat Reviews

Over 100 reviews up to 51 feet. Daysailers/racers, cruisers, racer/cruisers.
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Shakedown Cruise - Nigel Calder's Early Cruising Days - Book Review

Shakedown Cruise Book Review

Nigel Calder’s recent book on his early days cruising with his family while writing books,  Read the review...

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Chasing the Cup by Jimmy Spithill

Jimmy Spithill’s book on his life of sailing and his quest to win the America’s Cup  More…

America's Cup: The Schooner & the Foiling Cat

The America’s Cup — Traditional monohulls or foiling catamarans?  more...

America's Cup Returns to Monohulls

America's Cup BermudaTeam Zealand: The 36th America’s Cup will race in monohulls. more…

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