Advertising in SOUTHWINDS Magazine’s Marinas & Boatyards Pages

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Marinas & Boatyards pages in SOUTHWINDS Magazine
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Advertising on these pages includes a directional arrow to your location. Single-size ads are 2 inches tall. Double-sized ads are double-the height or a single-size ad or double-width. All ads that are double-height will also be built double-width, because some months the double-width ad will run – in order to make the map arrows work out, as some ads are in annually and some only for one month and layout can change monthly. All ad widths for single-size are 2.25 inches wide.

Specifications (we will build your ad at no charge)

Single-size ads: 2 inches ht x 2.25 inches w

Double size ads vertical: 4.18 inches ht x 2.25 w

Double-size horizontal: 2 inches ht x 4.75 w

300 dpi PDF, CMYK, all fonts outlined if applicable. To accommodate newsprint, black text must be on black plate (do not spread). All black text and graphic images—including all text effects, like black shadowing—must be just black and not stacked (also called “rich black”) from other colors as newsprint registration at the printer cannot handle black in that format. Please check your logos for this, too. This does not include photos that have black in them. They are no problem. If the ad builder does not understand this, then it is best we build the ad or have them contact us, otherwise it could be a problem and not work. If the ad has rich black, the black could possibly print poorly with color around the edges. It is unlikely it will print poorly, but it could. We will print that, but if it prints poorly, we cannot be responsible for the quality. If you still want to build the ad and not have a problem, do not have any black graphics or text—including black text effects (like shadowing, etc.).


Single-month rates: $50/month for a single 2-inch tall ad; $85/month for a double size ad (double height and double width)

Annual rates: Single-size – $450/year; Double-size – $850/year


Click here to view and/or download 2019 Advertising deadlines as a PDF Deadline for the Dec 2018 issue is Nov 7