Mail ads and photos to:


PO Box 14456

Bradenton, FL 34280-4456

  • There is a $5 fee to type in your ad and a $5 fee to scan a photo.
  • If you are mailing it in close to our deadlines, call (941-795-8704) and let us know so we get it in time. Our deadline is always a Friday, but we can take it as late as the next Monday, but it will most likely go into the Too Late to Classify section at end of classifieds for the first month.
  • Print ads do not go online automatically.
  • $15 fee for us to place the ad online immediately or within a few days. It will run for three months.
  • You can place it online yourself now for the same price, plus add more text for that price, or place a bigger ad with many photos for a little more.
  • You can edit the ad and change the photo at anytime when you do it yourself.

Classified Ad Deadlines

  • May 2019 Issue: April 12 (May 9 for trawler ads)
  • June 2019 Issue: May 10 (June 7 for trawler ads)
  • July 2019 Issue: June 7
  • August 2019 Issue: July 12
  • September 2019 Issue: August 9
  • October 2019 Issue: Sept. 6
  • November 2019 Issue: Oct 4
  • December 2019 Issue: Nov 8
  • January 2020 Issue: Dec 6