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This page is for paying for new printed classified ads in SOUTHWINDS Magazine. To place a classified ad on this website, go here

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! We will crop your photo horizontal if you send a vertical photo

After clicking on the ADD TO CART button below that applies to your order, page down to the bottom of the page to checkout and pay with credit card

Three-Month Trawler ad special 40 words with photo – $15:

Three-Month text ad 30 words- $25:

Three-Month ad 30 words with photo– $50:

Three-Month text ad 45 words – $40:

Three-Month ad 45 words with photo – $65:

Three-Month text ad 60 words $45:

Three-Month ad 60 words with photo – $70:

Place Vertical photo instead of horizontal – $15 (total for 3 months)

Have SOUTHWINDS place your ad online now (probably today, but within 3 days for sure) – $15: