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Preparing Your Boat for Cruising Season in Florida and the Bahamas

Medical Adventures in the Caribbean

DANBOATER for Cruisers

Booklet Charts – Free Navigation Charts Printed on Your Home Computer

Apalachicola Bay – The Forgotten Coast Part I of II

Apalachicola Bay – The Forgotten Coast Part iI of II

Positive Changes in Luperon

Bahamas: Best of the Best Regatta


A Jacksonville Sojourn – Upriver is worth the trip!

Marineland Revisited

Cruise to Marineland, Florida

Cruise to Cumberland Island Part I

Cruise to Cumberland Island Part II

Cruise to Cumberland Island Part III

The Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama

Cruise to Darien, Georgia

Destination Fort Myers Beach

Cruise to Marathon

Cruise Key West

Cruise to Marco Island, Part I of II

Cruise to Marco Island, Part II of II

The Mysterious Marquesas

Cruise to Clearwater

Cruising Florida’s West Coast in an Open 17′ Trimaran, Part I of II

Cruising Florida’s West Coast in an Open 17’ Trimaran, Part II of II

Cruise from Florida Bay to Marco Island, Part I of II

Rio Dulce Exposed

Sailing Destination — Gulfport, FL

Demopolis Yacht Basin in Alabama a Magnet for Migrating Boaters

Opportunity Docks: Free Berths Offer More Than a Cheap Place to Tie Up

Cruise to Lemon Bay

Cruise to Tampa

Cruise to Vinoy in Downtown St. Petersburg

Gunkholing on the Peace River

Changes in Anchoring in Cocoa

The Dry Tortugas: Beyond Paradise

Cruising Georgia: Delightful Delegal Creek

Visit Egmont Key in Tampa Bay

Culebra-Forgotten Virgin or the next St. John?

An Ideal City for Cruisers: Charleston, South Carolina

Stretching the Comfort Zone: A Retired Couple Work their Way up to Longer Cruises

How Prepared do you need to be to go Cruising?

The Importance of Running Lights


Apalachicola — Seafood Served with a Smile

Cruise to Savannah Part I: Delegal Marina to Thunderbolt Marina

Cruise to Savannah Part II: Thunderbolt Marina to Savannah’s River Street

Bareboating North Carolina

America’s Great Loop by Sailboat

A Cruise to Carabelle and Apalachicola Bay

Destination Kingsley: Northeast Florida

Oriental, North Carolina — A Great Place to be Rained Out

Southport, North Carolina

Beaufort, South Carolina

Sail to the Dry Tortugas

Tarpon Basin: A Cruisers Protected Anchorage in the Key Largo

Fernandina Beach, Florida

Cruise to St. Marys, Georgia

Cruise to Everglades City

Cruise to Eau Gallie

Kingfisher Bay Marina Opens in Demopolis

Cruise to Naples and Fort Myers Beach

Cruise to Jekyll Island

Travels With Angel: Cruising the ICW in Southeast Florida

Fisherman’s Village Marina, Punta Gorda

Travels With Angel: Cruising the ICW in Southeast Florida

Cruise the Shark River

The Delivery of Bellatrix—A Cruise Up Florida’s Southwest Coast

Trailer Sailing the Florida Keys

Cruising the East Coast: Stuart and Vero Beach

Travels with Angel: Lower Keys

Travels with Angel: Marathon

Boot Key Expands Shoreside Facilities

Travels With Angel: True Treasures

Travels With Angel: The Real World

Travels with Angel: Coastal Hopping to Key Largo

Mexico’s Isla Contoy

Travels with Angel: Coastal hopping Southeast Florida: Lake Worth to Biscayne Bay

Crossing the Okeechobee Waterway

Travels with Angel: Coastal hopping Southeast Florida’s Palm Beaches

Anchoring: How Close to Your Neighbor?

The Long Distance Sailor

Cruising into St. Augustine

South Seas Resort Marina

Exploring Panama

Cruising Defined

WiFi Going South

Yacht Haven Grande Rebirth: St. Thomas New Marina Complex

Florida Keys Mystery Cable

Tips Learned from a Circumnavigator

The Love Tunnel: Gunkholing in Southwest Florida

Fort Pierce Welcomes Boaters

The Great Circle Loop by Catamaran, Part I

The Great Circle Loop by Catamaran, Part II

30 Years of Changes in the Caribbean

What It Costs Us to Cruise

Catboat Trip Down a Florida River

Florida’s Other ICW

Old Florida versus New Florida

Obstacles to Cruising: Lessons Learned by One Couple, Part I

Obstacles to Cruising: Lessons Learned by One Couple, Part II

Travels With Angel: Colorful Cruisers

Destinations: JIB Yacht Club and Marina, Jupiter, FL

Destinations: Crow’s Nest Marina and Restaurant in Venice, FL

Shortcut Across Florida: Tilting Under the Mayaca Bridge

Obstacles to Cruising: Lessons Learned by One Couple

Florida Sea Grant’s West Florida Anchorages Web Site

Bob and Annie’s Boatyard – Multihulls Welcome



Cruise to Cuba: Getting Permission and Going to Cuba: Part I of III

Cruise to Cuba: Marina Hemingway and Habana, Part II of III

Cruise to Cuba: Hemingway to Cayo Levisa and Back, Part III of III

Editorial: Will We Ever Get to Freely Sail to Cuba Again?

Cuba – Crossing to Cuba; Part II of III

Cuba – Crossing to Cuba; Part III of III

Experiencing Cuba’s North Coast

Pensacola a la Habana Regatta: Historic Race to Cuba Will Be a Game Changer

Cuba – Cruising in Paradise

Restored Cuban Refugee Boat Earns Honors

St. Petersburg-Habana Race 2016

Bone Island Regatta to Cuba

Conch Republic Cup to Cuba

The Comeback of Back Off

The Havana Challenge – Crossing the Gulfstream

A Cruiser Talks Cuba

President Trump Changes in Cuba Policy Affecting Boaters Going to Cuba

Conch Republic Cup to Cuba

Juniata Goes to Cuba

The Havana Challenge: Hobie 16s Race to Cuba from Key West

Bone Island Regatta Goes to Cuba

An Accidental Sail to Cuba

Youth Sailors in Cuba

Havana Regatta 1952

The Big Dog’s Back — Cuba, Opening Soon?

Sail to Cuba, Part I of III

Sail to Cuba, Part II of III

Cruising Cuba—Part III of III

Yacht Pilot’s Cruising Guide to Cuba

2018 St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show: Where were the Sailors?

Bahamas Sloop Racing: New International Sail League

America’s Cup: The Schooner and the Foiling Cat

Editorial: Law Limiting Unwarranted Boardings; America’s Cup

Editorial: The Big Game: The Miami Boat Show vs. The Super Bowl

Editorial: Boatyard Burnout

Editorial: Adapt: West Marine Making Changes

The Quick and Dirty Truth about Boat Buying

Tremolino — The Hybrid Trimaran

Editorial: The Rising Cost of Boating and the Middle Income Buyer

There’s Something about Dead Reckoning

Editorial: New and Used Boat Prices

Editorial: Down the ICW

Editorial: Florida Anchoring Laws

Editorial: Celestial Navigation and Stuff

Editorial: Rhodes 19

Editorial: Night Watch

Revisiting Hurricane Katrina

Editorial: The Over-Inspection Mentality

Editorial: How Boat Buying Has Changed

Editorial: Going Motorless

Editorial: Mandatory PFDs

Editorial: Warm Water at Last

Editorial: Cruisers, Live-aboards and Bees on Boats

Editorial: Affordable Sailing

Editorial: A Cruiser-Friendly Florida

Editorial: Windsurfing

Editorial: Wear your PFD Full Time?

Editorial: Dinghy in Security

Editorial: Left Brain/Right Brain Sailing

Editorial: Mooring Fields

Editorial: Get a Permit to Go Boating

Animal Encounters of the Sailing Kind

Editorial: Wreckers Race; More Boating Rules

Boater Licensing

From the Helm: Insurance Crisis?

From the Helm: Police Raid in Boot Key Harbor

Boater Licensing, PFDs and T-shirts

From the Helm: Boater Friendly Communities

Gulfport, FL: Save This Town

From the Helm: Sorcery

Slips Anyone?

From the Helm: Our Clean Waters?

Books to Read While Enjoying the ICW

Enjoying the Intracoastal Waterway

From the Helm: Is it the Intracoastal Waterway or the Intercoastal Waterway?

From the Helm: Half-Backs

Book Review: The Sailor’s Book of Small Cruising Sailboats

Book Review: Shakedown Cruise by Nigel Calder

Tales from The Ocean Almanac

Book Review: Chasing the Cup by Jimmy Spithill

Book Review: A Man for All Oceans: Captain Joshua Slocum and the first solo voyage around the world

Blue Latitudes — Boldly Going Where Captain Cook has Gone Before

Book Review: Desperate Voyage by John Caldwell

Book Review: No Return Ticket (Books I and II)

Books to Read: Anchoring – A Ground Tackler’s Apprentice

Book Review: At Any Cost: An Autobiography by Peter Tangvald

Book Review: Salt of a Sailor

Books to Read: Fiberglass Boat Restoration: The Project Planning Guide

Books to Read: The Boat Drinks Book ; A Different Tipple in Every Port

Books to Read: Magellan

Book Review: Exposed: The Dark Side of the America’s Cup

Book Review: Ebb and Flow: Tides and Life on Our Once and Future Planet

Books and Nautical Miscellanea

Books to Read: Hero’s Loop

Books to Read: Cruising with Kids

Books to Read: Boat Girl

Books to Read: Two Can Sail

Yacht Pilot’s Cruising Guide to Cuba

Book Review: Escape From Hermit Island

Book Review: Jimmy Cornell’s Ocean Atlas

Book Review: Among the Multihulls. A Memoir by Jim Brown

Book Review: Suncoast Cruising Guide

Book Review: Living at Sea Level

Books to Read: English/Spanish Maritime Dictionary

Book Review: Gourmet Underway

Books to Read: Fix it and Sail; Radar for Mariners;

Books to Read: Managing the Waterway

Books to Read: Getting Started in Sailboat Racing

Gary Jobson: Championship Sailing


Bubba’s Coming Home From AC

Bubba: Right Guard Suffers FWC Boarding

Bubba Unhappy With the Racing Rules of Sailing

Bubba Compiling List of Awful Sailboat Names

Bubba: The Boat Parade Falters Yet Again

Bubba: Shots Fired At Sarasota Sailing Squadron Regatta

Bubba Goes To the City by the Bay

Bubba Gets FWC Hearing in Tallahassee

Bubba and the Phlebotomist

Bubba Peeved at Lack of Review

Bubba’s Opinions Reach the Top?

Bubba: Determining What It Is By What It Ain’t

Bubba: For Auld Lang Syne, My Dear

Bubba Disapproves of Olympic Kiteboarding

Bubba’s Christmas Gift

Bubba: Three Amigos and the Big Time

Bubba, Red Man’s Shill at Olympics

Cat Racing Stymies Bubba’s Ardor

Bubba Clears Up Youth Sailing Conundrum

Bubba’s Opinion on Organized Mooring Fields

Bubba Examines the America’s Cup

Bruno Touts Gentle Regatta

Bubba: Crocs on Parade

Bubba: Neon Yellow Revenge

Bubba Explains Sailing Life to Bruno

Bubba: Doobie Speaks of Risk

Unruly Spectators at Boat Parade of Lights

Modern Packaging Distresses Bubba

Bubba Hoping to be Rolex Choice

Bubba: Bubba & the America’s Cup

Bubba & Intrusive Water Police

Bubba: Recognition at The Blue Moon

Bubba Sees Moon Over Sarasota Bay

Bubba Mines Pavilion Responses

Bubba Figures Out How to Plug Oil Leak

Bubba Fashions a Meatchopper

Bubba to Improve Parade TV

Bubba: Shorty’s Love Lost Eternally

Osama Bin Laden at the Sarasota Boat Parade?

Bubba Suggests New Race Signals Approval

The Blue Moon Bar Gets Swarmed

Bubba Gets the Right Half

Bubba Excoriates Not Authorized

Runaway Growth Takes Over Right Guard

A Crystal Mystery at Leonard’s

Bubba & Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog

Bubba — I Write The Songs

Bubba Responsible For Changes


Slocum Lives – Joshua Slocum’s Descendants in Florida

Ray Glover—1950-2008. Friend of the Sailing Community.

Bill Symes – Still Sailing After All These Years

Fair Winds and Following Seas to Captain John Bonds (1939-2010)

No Time for Breakfast in Sandy Key – Sailing with Jim Brown on Scrimshaw

The Making of a World-Class Sailmaker

Florida Women’s Sailing Awards Davis Island Yacht Club Sailor

Tom Hubbell — New US SAILING President

The Marathon Man: Capt. Jack is Back on Track

Miami Native Sarah Newberry Advances Toward Olympics

Sailing With Charley Morgan on Heritage

Stuart Woods – At Home from the Sea

Claiborne Young, 1951-2014

Ginny — A Life Messing Around in Boats

Newman Darby, 1928-2016; Rick White, 1937-2017

Modern Day Argonaut

Ann Davison — A Sailor’s Life Journey of Courage and Persistence

Florida Sailors Compete in Paralympic Games

An Interview with Allison Jolly

Clark Mills — Designer of the Optimist Pram

The Citadel at Sea — The Spirit of South Carolina Lives

Boatbuilder Stu Smith Closes Shop, But Not His Sailing

Interview with Gary Jobson

Billy Johnson, 1923 — 2009

A Gin & Tonic With Bruce VanSant

A Bay of Fundy Sailor Meets Charley Morgan

Glenn Henderson, Yacht Designer

Ryan Finn: Cancer Treatments Help Develop a Southern Single-Hander

Tania Abei – Still Sailing After All These Years

Southern Sailors: Paige Railey

Southern Sailors: Allison Jolly

Capt. Herman Bips

Southern Sailors: Jo Mogle Gets US SAILING Honor

Charley Morgan, Legend In His Own Time

Tips and Tricks Learned the Hard Way on Trailer Sailing Part I

Tips and Tricks Learned the Hard Way on Trailer Sailing Part II

Tips and Tricks Learned the Hard Way on Trailer Sailing Part III

The Advantages of Trailer Sailing

Choosing a Trailer Sailing Boat for Florida Waters

Tales of a Trailerable Sailboat: Georgia to the Florida Keys and Back Part I

Tales of a Trailerable Sailboat: Georgia to the Florida Keys and Back. Part II


Bareboat Chartering in the Florida Keys

Carolina Sailing: Charter Mania in Charleston?

Catamaran Charter in Southwest Florida

The Truth About Chartering

Buying a Boat Out of Charter

Chartering – The Bare Necessities

First Sail on Key West Charter

Keys Charter: Always an Adventure

A Family’s First Sailing Charter

Options for Owning a Boat in the Caribbean

Changes in Attitudes in the BVIs

Provisioning in the BVIs


Carolina Sailing: Have Tools, Will Travel – South Carolina Boat Businesses

Carolina Sailing: Time for Acknowledgement

Carolina Sailing: The Low Country’s Renaissance Boatbuilder

Carolina Sailing: Exponential Impact – The Lowcountry Maritime Society

Carolina Sailing – ASA Teaches Sailing Across South Carolina

Carolina Sailing – Charleston Community Sailing

Carolina Sailing – The Ocracoke Regatta on Pamlico Sound Turns 55

Carolina Sailing: Chartermania in Charleston

Carolina Sailing: Summer Sailing in the Palmetto State

Carolina Sailing: Revisiting the PDR

Carolina Sailing: South Carolina Maritime Museum – a Timely Expansion

Carolina Sailing: Lowcountry Liveaboard – What’s that Like?

Carolina Sailing: Goin’ Old School – the Keowee Sailing Club

Carolina Sailing: Saving Sailing

Carolina Sailing: Healing and Dealing on the Water

Carolina Sailing: Lightning Fleet Grows in Charleston

Carolina Sailing: Sailors on the Sea

Carolina Sailing: The South Carolina Marine Association

Carolina Sailing: Invasion of the Moths

Carolina Sailing: American Sail, Quietly Closing on 40

Carolina Sailing: Charleston Area Sailors Putting the Holy City on the Map

Carolina Sailing: College of Charleston’s Varsity Offshore Team Goes Big

Carolina Sailing: Rockville Regatta — Fun and Rowdy After 123 Years

Carolina Sailing: The Lowcountry Maritime Society

Carolina Sailing: Environmental Engagement – Every Sailor’s Onus

Carolina Sailing: The Power of Sailing

Carolina Sailing: An ICW Primer

Carolina Sailing: Classic Boat Rally

Carolina Sailing:

Carolina Sailing: Home Cookin’ for High Performance: The VX One-Design

Carolina Sailing: A Blueprint for Future Events – The Atlantic Cup

Carolina Sailing: Charleston Community Sailing – After 17 Years, Bigger is Definitely Better

Carolina Sailing: Summer Reading for Sailors

Carolina Sailing: Tiny Boats – Big Activity

Carolina Sailing: College of Charleston’s Sailing Center

Carolina Sailing: Southern Collegiate Offshore Regatta

Carolina Sailing: Kiteboarding

Carolina Sailing: Perspective on a Tragedy — The Wreck of the Morning Dew

Carolina Sailing: Barrier Island Boatbuilders

Carolina Sailing: Sailors Going Green

A Lowcountry Milestone — 125 Years of the Rockville Regatta

Hobie 20 Fleet Grows in Charleston Area

Little Kids, Big Dreams — Charleston Community Sailing

Carolina Sailing: A Model Youth Program at the Lake Murray Sailing Association

Carolina Sailing: Sailoree – A Scouting Phenomenon

Carolina Sailing: Will the Spirit of South Carolina Soar Again?

Carolina Sailing: Inland Sailing in South Carolina

Carolina Sailing: Georgetown Wooden Boat Show Turns 25

Carolina Sailing: Upstate Splendor for Sailors: Lake Jocassee

Carolina Sailing: PDRs — Hangin’ with the 99 Percent

Carolina Sailing: Evening Sailing in Charleston

Carolina Sailing: The Spirit of South Carolina —New Chapter or Final Voyage?

Carolina Sailing: Little Boats and Big Hearts

Carolina Sailing: Class 40 Boats Come to Charleston

Carolina Sailing: Six Degrees of Benefits Regattas

Carolina Sailing: Upcoming Georgetown Wooden Boat Show

Carolina Sailing: Charleston Community Sailing Association

Carolina Sailing: Ladies, Start Your Engines

Carolina Sailing: Record-Setting Year for the Palmetto State?

Carolina Sailing: Creative Thinking in the Sailing World

Carolina Sailing: The Rockville Regatta – An Enduring Low Country Tradition

Carolina Sailing: Hauling Your Boat Out in the Holy City

Carolina Sailing: Charleston Ocean Racing Association

Carolina Sailing: Hullabaloo at the Halloween Regatta

Carolina Sailing: Sailing in the Holy City

Carolina Sailing: Charleston to Bermuda, a New Twist

Carolina Sailing: Alternatives to Boat Ownership in Charleston

Carolina Sailing: Charleston to Bermuda Race

Carolina Sailing: Charleston’s Brad Van Liew Leads Velux 5 Oceans

Carolina Sailing: Strategic Social Sailing

Carolina Sailing: South Carolina Maritime Foundation Changes at the Helm

Carolina Sailing: Sailing Business – Real Recovery or Seasonal Spark?

Carolina Sailing: Brad Van Liew Again Races Around the World

Carolina Sailing: OnDeck Charleston – Can One Company Do it All?

Carolina Sailing: A Benign British Invasion

Carolina Sailing: Charleston High School Sailing — Booming Now, but Will it Last?

Carolina Sailing: Living With PHRF Ratings

Carolina Sailing: Green Regattas and Other Myths

Carolina Sailing: Charleston Community Sailing Center

Carolina Sailing: Georgetown Wooden Boat Show

Carolina Sailing: Sea Island One-Design

Carolina Sailing — Messing About in Boats Can be a Mess

Carolina Sailing — Charleston Community Sailing

Carolina Sailing: Keeping Charleston on the Map

Carolina Sailing: The Charleston Yacht Club

Carolina Sailing — New Sailing Center In Charleston Area Hits Snags

Carolina Sailing — The Midlands Regatta

Carolina Sailing: Western Carolina Sailing Club

Carolina Sailing: Robbie Wilkins

Carolina Sailing: New South Carolina Derelict Vessel Law

Carolina Sailing—Is Sailing Green?

Carolina Sailing: Charleston Ocean Racing Association

Our Waterways: Carolina Sailing — Intracoastal Needs Overlooked

Carolina Sailing: Charleston Race Week

Carolina Sailing: Two Traditional Sailboats Sail Home

Carolina Sailing: The Cruising Club of Charleston

South Carolina Sailing

Carolina Sailing: Charleston Waterkeeper

South Carolina Sailing

Carolina Sailing: The Georgetown Wooden Boat Show

Carolina Sailing: Custom Catamaran Building by Lost Trades

The Spirit of South Carolina Makes Progress

South Carolina Sailing

Cooking Onboard: Voyaging with Cabbage

Cooking Onboard: Party Time Snacks

Cooking Onboard: Holiday Drinks

Cooking Onboard: Pasta: Last of the Galley’s Holy Trinity

Cooking Onboard: Kidney Bean Hash; Down-Island Okra & Rice

Cooking Onboard: Some Like It Hot!

The Cruiser’s Diet (?)

Going Native with Your Galley

Cooking Onboard: Party Time Ideas

Cooking Onboard: Lobster

Cooking Onboard: A Culinary Tribute to Sailors Hal and Margaret Roth

Cooking Onboard: Sailing Under Pressure

Cooking Onboard: Tropical Salsa: Pineapple & Chili Pepper

Bringing the Wok Onboard

Cooking Onboard: Sopa Yucateca

Cooking Onboard: Not Your Everyday Bean Meals

Cooking Onboard: Rice, Beans and Cuban Stew

Cooking Onboard: Jamaica Jerk Marinade

Cooking Onboard: Bahamian-Style Boiled Grouper

Cooking Onboard: The Sailing Galley’s Holy Trinity

Cooking Onboard: Callaloo Stew

Cooking Onboard: Caribbean Chinese Chicken Wings

Cooking Onboard: Sailing on Bean Power

Cooking Onboard: Jamaican Hangover Stew

Cooking Onboard: Conch Fritters

Onboard Cooking With Beans

Equipping an Offshore Galley

Stocking the Offshore Galley

Book Review: Gourmet Underway


US SAILING’s Inaugural Sailing Leadership Forum

US Sailing National Leadership Forum 2016

US Sailing National Leadership Forum 2018

w Oceanographer Sylvia Earle

US Sailing Regional Symposium

US SAILING National Sailing Symposium

US SAILING National Sailing Symposium 2011

Betsy Alison Shares Winning Tips at US SAILING Conference

US SAILING Regional Sailing Symposium — New Ideas on the Sailing Front

National Sailing Programs Symposium

Safety at Sea Seminar

US SAILING National Sailing Symposium

US SAILING Level 1 Small Boat Instructor Course

US SAILING National Sailing Programs Symposium

US Sailing Level 1 Instructor Course

US SAILING National Sailing Symposium

Safety at Sea Seminar in Clearwater

Everyone’s a Winner at US SAILING’s Race Management Seminar

Tampa Sailing Squadron’s Sea Safety Expo

Carolina Sailing: Have Tools, Will Travel – South Carolina Boat Businesses

Problem Solving at Sea – The Tale of a Novice Mechanic

Making Trailboards for a Clipper Bow

Picking the Best Boatyard for Maintenance and Repair Work

NEMO – A New Dive System

Coast Guard Issues Alert on Led Lights Affecting Radio Communications

Decision Time…Should I Buy a Boat That Has Been Salvaged? Rebuild of a Gemini 3400

Buying and Refinishing a Damaged Boat — Gemini 3400

The Water Pump that would not Die

Ask The Surveyor: Fire Extinguishers

Fixing Stuff

Bring Your Plastic Windows Back to Life

Struck by Lightning – Our Lightning Event

Termites Be Gone!!

Four Myths about Fire Extinguishers

April Fools’ Day Misadventure – Steering Failure Causes a Change in Plans

It’s Time To Service Your Winches!

Replacing Vinyl Covering on the Interior of a Hull

Onboard Analog Gauges – How to Use Them and Why

Ask the Surveyor: Keep Your Keel On

Toe Rail Repair: Thinking Outside the Box!

There’s an App for That — Apps for navigation, weather and tides

Cabin Sole Replacement

Ask the Surveyor: The Lowly Coolant Recovery Tank.

Emergency Location Devices

How to Get the Most Out of Your DSC Radio

Solid Wing Sails for Lasers

Saving Wooden Boats

What You Need to Know About Your DSC-VHF Radio When Buying or Selling a Boat
From BoatUS

Twenty-Five Things a Good Marine Surveyor Might Find Wrong With Your Perfect Boat

Ethanol and Outboards

Mast Splice Repair

A Wing Sail for Under $1000!

Boat Repairs in a Slow Economy

Carolina Sailing: Hauling Your Boat Out in the Holy City

Off the Grid Freedom: Solar Power

A Ghost Story With a Happy Ending — Overhauling a 1982 Cal 9.2

Shore Cord Care Can Help Prevent Fires

Bilge Pump Maintenance

Power Winch Accident in Antigua Prompts Concerns

Fire Extinguishers Part I: The Basics and Maintenance

Fire Extinguishing Part II: Fixed Fire Suppression Systems

Boatwork: Keel Cancer on a Cast Iron Keel

Boatwork: Sealing up Leaking Stanchion Plates

Boatwork: Foam-Sandwiched Fiberglass Repair: Swim Platform

PFDs Explained


Boatwork: Engine Raw Water Pump Rebuild Made Easy

Getting Into Sewing, Part I of II

Getting Into Sewing, Part II of II

Refurbishing Teak

Boatwork: Replacing Those Crazed Windows

Rudder Design and Construction, Part I of II

Boatwork: Rudder Design and Fabrication, Part II of II

Double-Use Pump System for Fueling and Boat Wash

BoatWork: Excessive Bottom Paint

Boatwork: Zincs and Galvanic Isolators

Boatwork: Electrolysis E

Boatwork: Blisters Part I

Blisters Part II: When to Repair and When to Wait

Boatwork: Installing a Bow Thruster

ABYC Electrical Certification

Boatwork: Rebuilding Dorado Vents

Boatwork: Bottom Paint — Do I need it and What Type?

Boatwork: New Headliner

Lightning Part I of II

Lightning Part II: Protecting Your Boat

Boatwork: Bulkhead Facelift

Build Your Own Mainsail Stacking System Part I

Make Your Own Mainsail Stacking System Part II

Maintenance in Exotic Places

Installing a Holding Tank

Lightning Strikes Boat at Florida Key’s Sea Base

Diesel Electric

Dismasting: Crystallized Stainless Steel?

Battery Basics

Is Your Inflatable PFD Ready?

Wag Bags: One Answer to Onboard Human Waste

Autohelm Repair: Saved by Google

The Art of Stainless Steel

DSC Radio. Not All are Created Equal

Birth of a Cat, Part II: Cataline Arrives from South Africa

Composting Toilet for Your Boat

Managing Mildew

Binoculars Explained

New Refrigeration Technology

Demystifying Marine SSB


Interesting Products: Bloxygen

The Tiwal 3 – A Sailboat in a Box

New Product: Life Cell

Product Review Propane Outboard

New Product: Ship Balm

New Product: SWI-TEC Swim and Emergency Ladder

New Product: Robotic Racing Mark

Products to Watch: Waterproof Drone

Safety Products Review: Strobe/Electronic Flare; Sea-Tags; Bottle Buoy

Inflatable Sails

New Products: Pile Ring

New Product: MiniDive

New Product: ThrowRaft TD2401

Product Review: Night Vision Cap

Product Review: Mast Mate Climbing System

Products Review

The Garmin 478 Review

Products Review


Youth Sailing Foundation of Indian River County

Church Youth Sailing Programs

Here Come the Optis

Clermont Youth Sailing Program
Key West Community Sailing Center

Carolina Sailing: Hilton Head Rowing and Sailing Center

Origin of the Optimist Pram

Kids Learn Shipwright Skills at Boatbuilding Festival

Englewood Sailing Association Celebrates 10 Years

Kids Sailing – Is There A Problem?

Clearwater Community Sailing Center

Editorial: The Optimist and Kids Sailing

I sailed the first Optimist

Why Kids Don’t Want to Sail

Why Kids Don’t Want to Sail — Part II: Ideas and Solutions

Florida Maritime Museum at Cortez and FISH offer a Maritime Program for Youth

SPARS Youth Sailing Program in St. Augustine

Tips on Getting Kids into Sailing—Keeping Them Interested

Youth Sailors in Cuba

Sea Scouts Ship 915, Boca Ciega Yacht Club

American Youth on the Podium at the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda

Lessons Learned at Youth Sailing Regatta

The Venice Youth Boating Association

Youth Sailing: The Portsmouth Rating System

Sea Scouts Regatta: More Than Just a Regatta

Safe Harbor Boys Home

Youth Sailing: Suncoast Sailing Camp in Sarasota

Youth Sailing: Teaching the Sport to Girl Scouts

Hudson Beach Yacht Club

History of the Navy Yacht Club: Celebrating 80 years

Growing Yacht Clubs with Social Networking

The Upper Keys Sailing Club

St. Augustine Yacht Club

St. Petersburg Yacht Club Celebrates 100 Years

Pensacola Yacht Club’s New Sailing Center

Port Canaveral Yacht Club

Boca Ciega Yacht Club

The Virtual Yacht Club

Sarasota Sailing Squadron Luffing Lassies

The Clearwater Yacht Club

History of the St. Petersburg Sailing Center

The Pensacola Yacht Club

The Sarasota Sailing Squadron

Gulfport Yacht Club

The Ins and Outs of Choosing the Right Optimist Program for your Child

Youth Sailing at Halifax Sailing Center


What Happened to the Catamarans That were Sailed in the 2017 America’s Cup

28th Annual Juana’s Good Time Regatta

American Magic America’s Cup Boats to be Built in Rhode Island

America’s Cup Boat for 2021 Revealed

Biking in the America’s Cup – Emirates Team New Zealand is using cycling power on board

36th America’s Cup to Return to Monohull Racing — Crew Nationalities Restricted

Carolina Sailing: Going Beyond Competition – The Atlantic Cup

Golden Globe Race 1968/2018

Golden Globe Race 2018

2018 Golden Globe Race Finish February 2019

Florida Sailor to Sail in Golden Globe Race

Dauphin Island Race Tragedy Update — Lawsuit Could be Landmark Case

63rd Mug Race – Who Will Chug the Mug?

Everglades Challenge 2013

FrankenRaider Sails in the Mug Race

2016 Everglades Challenge

Regata del Sol al Sol XLVIII

Charleston Race Week

Carolina Sailing: The Anatomy of a Medical Rescue

Volvo Ocean Race

The Epic Journey to the Sun — History of the Regata del Sol and Regata del Sol al Sol

Rough Conditions Challenge Contenders in the Everglades Challenge

To Party and Race in Paradise: 36th Regatta Time in Abaco

The Saga of the Bent Toe— How to Win Races on a Small Budget and Young Crew

Dalton Tebo and the Tybee 500

Good Old Boat Regatta Comes to Tampa Bay

Recycle Regatta

Sailboat Match Racing: An Emerging U.S Regatta Format

A Race to Remember: Clearwater to Key West 2008

On Board Elice II in the 41st Regata del Sol al Sol

23rd Morgan Invasion

Key West Race Week

On the Road to Beijing — Days in the Lives of Olympic Sailors

Gasparilla Regatta and Women’s Gasparilla Regatta

Race Skippers’ Meeting Courtesy

The Wreckers Race

PHRF Race Tips: To Win The Race You Have To Finish

Regatta Time in Abaco

A Skipper Learns Some Lessons in the Move Up to Spinnaker Class in a Women’s Regatta

Key West Race Week

PHRF Racing Tips: Making Your Boat Go Fast

PHRF Racing Tips

PHRF Racing Tips: Words to Live By

PHRF Racing Tips: So, You Have Race Committee Duty

PHRF Racing Tips: The Start

Race of the Lemmings

PHRF Racing Tips

PHRF Racing Tips: Sailing a Fast Reaching Leg

Racing Tips: Asymmetricals, Part II: Gybing and the Takedown

Cruisers Racing: The Cruising Racing Fleet on Lake Lanier, GA

The Home With A Rocketship Out Back: Stars & Stripes

PHRF Racing Tips: Light Wind Racing

Evolving Structure of Beach Catamaran Racing in Florida

Racing Tips: Asymmetricals

You Might Be a Race Boat Captain if…

Clean Bottoms win Foxy’s Cat Fight Regatta in the BVI

Mad Cow: Interview With a J/24 Crew

Race and Cruise in Paradise

Never Been on a Sailboat? How About a Race to Mexico?


Dinghy Incident in The Bahamas

Too Much of a Good Thing

Ahead of the Curve

Learning to Sail on a Sunfish

Ahead of the Foiling Curve

On the Water and In the Water


The Bright Yellow Boat

Sailing is for the Birds

The Dog, the Dinghy and the Admiral

Fiasco in the Harbor

Story: Avast My Heart in the Fog at Night

Bad Luck Bob

Boat Boy in Dominica

(T)ERROR on Tampa Bay

Sailing with Dad

Snakes on a…Boat?

Modern Airplanes and Fishing Schooners of the 1800s

Lipstick Pirates

Rescue in Mid-Atlantic

Surviving Boatyard Burnout

Realizing the Dream

Always the Same Dream

Hypothermia in Florida

Is it Better to buy a Northern Boat for Florida—and Truck it Down?

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Life Saving Step

Just Go!

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How — And Why — I Learned To Sail

“Over Prepared” for the Intracoastal

Smooth Operators — in Paradise

Shipwrecked on Elliot Key

Lady the Boat Dog

Battling the Bosun’s Chair Blues

Engine Stall in Traffic

When Your Auxiliary Fails…One Option is to Drop Anchor!


Island Time

The Right to Own a Sailboat

True Life Adventures of a River Rat

Sinking in a Regatta

The Graveyard of the Atlantic

Spring Awakening

Happy Hour Amoré

An Overnight Sail

So — You want to be a Pirate

A Moment on Anclote Key

Sailing is in My Blood, but I Learned What I Know from My Dad

The Cell from Hell

When the Law Comes On Heavy

Incident on the GulfStreamer

Challenges of Sailing the St. Johns…an Admission

The BVIs With a Twist

The Imperfect but Wonderful Georgia ICW

The Rebirth of a Flying Scot

Bummed Out by Buzzards

Head Games

Do I still need A Star to Steer Her By?

A Heads-Up, Please

Why Tampa Bay?

Going Aground

The Barefoot Dentist

It Was Perfect

I Learned About Sailing from That: Going Overboard

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I Learned About Sailing from That: A Summer Night in the South Pacific

I learned About Sailing From That: Gethomeitis

Are Two Heads Better Than One?

How NOT to Get Off Your Boat

Armadillo Delight

A Match Made at Sea

Searching for the Hump

America’s Last Swashbuckler

The Saga of the Bent Toe— How to Win Races on a Small Budget and Young Crew

The Stream and The Whale: Crossings

How Beer Saved Our Lives

Good Delivery Gone Bad

Of Skippers and Crew

A Sailor Meets His Limitations

Solo Sail

The Free Table

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Why I Sail

Beach Church

Getting Something for Nothing

Stone Crab Kids

Going Overboard

Boatyard Blues

Drinking Wine From the Bottom

The Challenge: Launching of the Good Ship Annabel Lee

Sailing Rudderless in Venezuela

Sailboat Racing South America Style

The Best Laid Plans…

Winterizing Your Boat in the Tropics

Wigging Out at the Wrecker’s Race

Treasure Hunting in Paradise (Lost)

Story: Have We Learned Yet?

What a Sailor Really Needs For Christmas

Movies to See: Snakes On a Dinghy

The Wreckers Race

No Particular Place to Go

Toeing the Line

My Baby—Still Sailing After All These Years

The Real Ole Florida in Tampa Bay

A Boat Dog Named Coco

Buried Treasure on the Gulf Coast?

Know your Liveaboard Neighbors

Cruising With Credit Cards

Story: Serendipitous Shrimp

Story: Better than a Ride at Six Flags

Story: The Crescent Moon Cruise Ship Line

The Egrets of Coconut Grove

Confessions of a Nautical Flea Market Junkie

Story: The Sound of Running Water

The Joys of Night Sailing

Cruising With Company

Finding the Essence of Cruising

Cruising With Courtesy

Capt. Morgan and a Bottle of Rum Meet the Coast Guard

When Angelfish Attack! (Cruising’s Wild Side)

Battling Poseidon’s Summer Squall

From Sail to Steam

The Frankenboat

A Perfect Sail

Christmas on the Water

How to Take a Sailing Class

Sailing Class: A License to Learn

Going Over to the Dark Side


Safety Planning for Cruising with Children Aboard

Free ICW Docks

Coast Guard Issues Safety Alert – LEDs Interfering with VHF Radio Communications

Supreme Court Rejects Florida Man’s Houseboat Appeal – Wins Landmark Case but Loses Compensation

Emergency FM Radio on Your Cell Phone

Meetings with Remarkable Men and Women on the ICW

Skeleton Crew Sailing to Circumnavigate South America in Support of Veterans

Sailing Robots – Autonomous Sailboats to Cross the Atlantic

Classic Boat Regatta

The Search for the Perfect Boat

Isles Yacht Club, Punta Gorda, FL

The Gulf Yachting Association

Some Dogs Have Better Manners than Their Owners

Hui Wharram

Not Glamorous but Rewarding – Life on a 36’ Sailboat

Dog Onboard? Know What You are Getting Into

U.S. Coast Guard Summary of Boating Accidents in 2014

So…You Live on a Boat and Need a Driver’s License?

Radio-Controlled Lasers – North American Championship

Crossing the Atlantic in a 42-inch Boat? The Little Boat Project

Learning to Sail is BOSS! ASA Training in the Grenadines

US Navy Rescues Two Sailors Adrift at Sea in the Western Pacific Five Months
– From U.S. Navy

Foiling. Future Fantastic or Foiling the Future?

A Cell Plan for Cruisers

Cruising a Different Way

Hui Wharram Rendezvous 2017

Hydrofoiling Lasers With Wing Sails

Everglades Challenge 2015: Canceled At First Checkpoint

When Death Fell On Alabama — The Dauphin Island Tragedy

The New Orleans Lightship Race Tragedy

Pilot Charts

Buying a Fixer-Upper

Good Samaritans Tossing a Towline: For Free or for Money? Are You Liable and Are You Obligated to Tow?

WaterTribe Everglades Challenge 2014

Bill Wellington — Yacht Designer and Builder of Wellington Yachts

Learning to Sail on a Weeklong Cruise — A Primer

Spouse Overboard

Lightning Protection

Rebuilding a 1960 O’Day Dolphin 24

Buying a Boat Out of Charter

Composting on Calypso

Club News: Dataw Island; Key West Community Sailing Center

Classic Schooner Lynx Winters in Florida

Supreme Court Rules on Houseboat

A Good Time for a Bad Thing to Happen — The Dismasting of Orient Express

Bareboating North Carolina Mini-Guide

Wharram Rendezvous, Florida Keys

Cleaning Up on the Great Dismal Swamp

Key Largo Catboat Rendezvous

Southeastern U.S. to the Caribbean: Weather Patterns to Know and When to Go

Women on the Water Boating Forum

The Wreck of the Bounty — One Year Later

Midwest Women’s Sailing Conference

From Calcutta to Cracker Jack

Gulfport Volunteers Refloat Grounded Boat

(R)evolution of Women’s Sailing on the Gulf Coast

Seven Seas Cruising Association Annual Meeting

Wharram Rendezvous: James Wharram Attends the Keys Rendezvous

Buddy Boating: Are Two (Three, Four) Heads Better Than One?

Bone Island Regatta to Key West

Tall Ships Come to Savannah

Tilting at Bridges

Useppa Island Catboat Rendezvous

Caught Between Two Storms Part I of II

Part II of Caught Between Storms: Everglades City

Switching From Monohull to Cat

Use of the Anchor Alarm

Visual Distress Signals

Seven Seas Cruising Association Annual Gam

Dog Tips for Summer Boating

Morgan Owners Invade Treasure Island: Morgan Rendezvous 2011

Wharram Rendezvous in the Keys

Dismasted in Florida Bay

Fire: An Unwelcomed Visitor

Dock Fire.

Sailing and Photography: Complementary Hobbies

Sail and Power—Anchored Together

Cortez Small Craft Festival

Dog Day Afternoon: Heat Stroke in Dogs

Thanksgiving Rendezvous on the Water

Spring Wharram Rendezvous

Catboat Rendezvous

Couple to Couple Training: Take the Drama Out of the Dream

Regatta Pointe Marina: Investing in the Future

SSCA Annual Gam

Seven Seas Cruising Association Visits Gulfport, FL

Great Florida Gulf Coast Small Craft Festival in Cortez, FL

The BoatU.S. Story — Boaters’ Interests, Boat Towing, Insurance and More

Washing Clothes Onboard

Finding a Maritime Attorney

So—You Bought a Boat on eBay

Mysteries of Charlotte Harbor

From Sailboat to Powerboat – add to boat reviews

Dolphin Landings Sailing Charters

Trinkatoo, Tender With an Inboard Motor

Convenient Cruising

Editorial: Anchoring Off a Lee Shore

Cedar Key Small Boat Meet

Learn to Sail on an Optifish

Spotlight on Business: Mack Sails

What’s Happening to Windsurfing

Dania Flea Market Returns to Dania

A Schooner with Style — Halie & Matthew

Mother’s Day Treat in Bimini


Buying a Trailerable Sailboat Part I

Buying a Trailerable Sailboat Part II

From Sailboat to Powerboat

Dania Marine Flea Market—Still Alive and Well

The Building of Pelican, Part II

Waterway Radio and Cruising Club

Sailboat Sinks off Coast of Nicaragua

Wharram Catamaran Rendezvous

Water is Wide Boatbuilding Exhibit

Getting an Education…at the Boat Shows

Allied Boats Gam
By Ed Verner

Great Florida Gulf Coast Small Craft Festival

8th Annual Catboat Rendevous on Useppa Island

Morgan Invasion 2008: History of the Morgan Invasion

Sailor’s Wharf Celebrates 30 Years
Winter Boat Delivery: Maryland to Florida

A Winter Sailboat Delivery from Fort Lauderdale to the BVIs

Sail to Southampton

Dismasted Off Nicaragua

Business Spotlight: Coral Reef Sailing Apparel

The Spirit of South Carolina Gets Launched

Classic Boat Rally

Treasure Hunting in Paradise

The Lanier Sailing Academy of Pensacola

Seven Seas Cruising Association Annual Meeting

Boat Transport: Just Drive Aboard

Florida Sea Grant’s West Florida Anchorages Web Site

The Smorgasboat in Boot Key Harbor

Gifts of December

The Building of Pelican, a 34-foot Sharpie

Update on Going Over to the Dark Side

ASA Trip to Antigua

Gulf Coast Small Craft Festival

Flea Market Blues: A Post-Dania Downer

Ellida: A Traditional Schooner Comes South

The 10-Step Method to Your Captain’s License

Monohull vs Catamaran for Cruising

The Spirit of South Carolina Makes Progress

Update on Going Over to the Dark Side

The Sinking and Resurrection of Lil’ Flash: All in a Day’s Work

At the Helm of the Star Clipper

Historic Spanish Point: Traditional Craft, Traditionally Built

Weather FAX on the Cheap

The Tortola Sloop

Boat Insurance: Uninsured and Underinsured

Riparian and Littoral Property Rights in Alabama and Florida