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SOUTHWINDS back issues go back to May 2003.

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We invite others to put links to the magazine or specific articles in the online magazine on their website. This is always permissible and we do not restrict anyone on doing this. You do not need to ask. If you do not know how to put up a link to a specific article that goes to the exact page of the online magazine, whether the current issue or back issues, contact the editor for instructions, but this is how you do it:

  1. Go to the issue the article is in by clicking on the issue. It will take you to the cover (page 1).
  2. Go to the page in the issue that the article is on by: (1) The fastest way of using the Search/Find tool and search for a word in that issue; (2) turning the page to Table of Contents or; (3) browse the magazine and find the page.
  3. Read the website address at the top of the browser page. It will look something like this:
  4. Look at the page number on the left page (read the page number at the bottom left corner of the online page) – even if the article starts on the right side page. Take that number and add “2” to it. So, if it says 50, use the number 52 and put it at the end of the web address above in item 3 after a forward slash (/). It will look like this: (Click on the link here and see it work.)
  5. Copy that address and that’s the one you use to link to that exact article. Try it here in the above link and see. It goes straight to the article.
  6. If you can’t figure it out or just need help, contact Steve Morrell, the editor. He’ll create the link and send it to you.
  7. If you put a link on your website, please supply a link on your website back to, it will help our online presence.
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