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Writing Deadlines (contact editor@southwindsmagazine.com): 
For Calendar Items (race or events): 1st of the month preceding publication always works (contact if later, as a few days later often works, but not always). For a more exact schedule (with later deadline dates each month), contact editor@southwindsmagazine.com. For Articles: Contact editor for all articles with good advance notice.

Southwinds Writers' Technical Guidelines:

All writers please be succinct and rewrite and rewrite.

"I would have written a shorter letter, but I didn't have the time." - Mark Twain

Some of the following guidelines for grammar and syntax make it easier for us to edit and use your material:

And Some Specifics:

Publication Rights and Originality of Work: SOUTHWINDS has rights to the work during the month of publication and it cannot be used elswhere until after the month of publication, at which point it belongs to the author. This is out of fairness to our advertisers who pay for everything.

All work must be original and never printed elsewhere, or put online anywhere, before the month of publication (some exceptions to previous online publication are conceivable, but SOUTHWINDS must be informed of this). The magazine is also available online and will be available online in the future as a back issue.

Links to online articles: We invite others to put links to the magazine or specific articles on their website. If you do not know how to put up a link to a specific article, contact the editor for instructions. To use copies of articles, contact the Editor.