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More than 160,000 complimentary copies are distributed annually to marine centers, yacht clubs, Sailing associations, marinas, retail outlets, major regattas and sailboat shows – including Strictly Sail in St. Petersburg and The Miami Boat Show.

Some 14,000 copies are delivered each month to over 500 locations in eight southern states. (Click here for a complete list of distribution sites.) The following is a summary of the current distribution:

  • 122 Marinas & Harbors
  • 126 Sailing Associations & Yacht Clubs
  • 207 Retail Centers & Marine Businesses
  • 58 Brokers, Book Stores & Restaurants
  • Bonus Distribution – Extra Copies Distributed at The Miami & St. Pete Boat Shows
  • 32% have income of $100,000 per year or more

SOUTHWINDS has an ever growing subscription base reaching every state (and the Virgin Islands) through subscriptions. Many subscribers who spend their winters Sailing the southern waters want to continue reading SOUTHWINDS on returning to their homes outside the Southeastern US. Some of our readers have kept every issue since SOUTHWINDS was first published in November 1993.

SOUTHWINDS Magazine widely expands readership through its website, . The entire issue of SOUTHWINDS Magazine, with all ads and editorial content, is available on the website, ready for download, in PDF format. An additional 10,000 readers view the magazine at monthly

Total Distribution by State

States Total Magazines Distributed
North Carolina 616
South Carolina 755
Georgia 672
Florida 9339
Alabama 423
Mississippi 510
Louisiana 833
Texas 261
Total All Deliveries 13409
Subscriptions, Misc. 591
Total printed 14,000