For advertising:
Contact Janet Verdeguer, Ad Sales
Tel: 941-870-3422, Mobile: 954-732-1188

Or Contact Steve Morrell, editor
Tel: 941-795-8704

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Magazine Display Advertising

Full Page without bleed 7.25 9.625
Full Page Bleed (*see below)   * *
Half Page – Horizontal 7.25 4.75
Half Page - Vertical 3.5 9.75
1/3 Page – Horizontal 7.25 3.25
1/4 Page – Vertical 3.5 4.75
1/6 Page – Square (almost square) 3.5 3.25
1/8 Page – Horizontal 3.5 2.25

*Full page specs:
Image without bleed: 7.25 x 9.625
Image with bleed: 7.25 x 9.75; Trim: 8.25 x 10.75; Bleed: 8.75 x 11.25

Please note: Only full page ads can bleed off the page.

Digital Specifications:  Please give this helpful sheet to your ad designer. SOUTHWINDS is printed on newsprint and ads require different specs than ads for slick or glossy paper.

  • Follow specific ad sizing as listed above. Allow for bleeds (full pages only) when applicable.
  • Submit ads as high resolution PDF files (300 dpi/CMYK color).
  • All fonts outlined, if applicable.
  • No rich black. If you have never prepared an ad for newsprint you may not be aware of the following: Black text must be on black plate (do not spread). All black, text and images, must be just black and not stacked or created from other colors. Newsprint registration cannot handle black in that format. Please check your logos for this, too, as they are often overlooked. Black in photos is not a problem. It is only black text or black built graphics, like logos, shadows, borders, etc. If you have no black graphics or text in the ad, it will be no problem.
  • Southwinds is not responsible for reproduction from furnished materials.
  • Allow 10% color variance on print run.
  • Materials received after deadline, publisher reserves the right to reformat materials to correct specifications. Send ads to:
  • Contact editor for technical ad questions via email or phone (941-795-8704)

We Can Create Your Ad:

  • We need your photos(s), descriptive copy, logo, address, website, phone and fax number
  • Photos should be 300 dpi jpg format
  • Logos must be provided as black and white camera-ready art or high resolution jpg